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Going Sans-super cache

General, Wordpress / September 12th, 2009 / Comments Off

Since I launched this website and I utilize Dreamhost as my hosting provider, speed has always been an issue. When you are in a shared environment, that is usually the case. I have been using the WordPress Super Cache plugin since my site went live, and though it has been great for enhancing page load, [...]

Absolute Bica is up for Most Elegant Design Award! Vote for me

My site has been nominated for Most Elegant Design by Best WordPress Design Awards. I would really appreciate your vote.

Trying to use WP-Super Cache locally on WampServer

Design, General, Wordpress / February 18th, 2009 / Comments Off

I simply want tohave the WP-Super Cache plugin enabled, even if it’s inactive so I can move forward with a mirror copy of my local and production development versions of my site. However, enabled WP-Super Cache makes this impossible. There has to be a solution. Do you know it?

Another reason I love WordPress – life just became easier

General, Tips, Wordpress / February 4th, 2009 / Comments Off

I am porting over a site that is built with WP on a windows/IIS server. I am moving it to a Linux server (yea) but the site has a TON of internal hardcoded links to things like “?page_id=454″, etc… I was concerned if I went with friendly URL’s or permalinks, I would be doing a ton of text replacing. Fear not, WP auto corrects this issue.

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The sandbox is my personal playground to try out various experimental techniques on the web. Below are some of my latest tests.

HTML to PHP video tutorial, Rounded Corners video tutorial, CSS Image Sprites in 10 Minutes

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