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Going Sans-super cache

General, Wordpress / September 12th, 2009 / Comments Off on Going Sans-super cache

Since I launched this website and I utilize Dreamhost as my hosting provider, speed has always been an issue. When you are in a shared environment, that is usually the case. I have been using the WordPress Super Cache plugin since my site went live, and though it has been great for enhancing page load, there are some sacrifices that come along with it.

  1. My specialized “timed” themes do not function as intended. If you are a first time visitor, my sites theme will take on the time of the server in 6 hour increments. If you visit during the “servers” daytime hours, you will most likely get the afternoon theme. As you move into nighttime, it will move to the night theme. However, I was finding that super cache plugin would hold onto a theme that was cached was previous visitors, hence serving up the wrong theme for a first time user. The reason I keep saying “first time user” is because once you have manually selected a theme, my site will maintain that theme for you until the cookie I used expires.
  2. My twitter updates on the homepage get effected as well. Sometimes they wouldn’t show up at all, and sometimes when they do show up…they are several days old. Not good.
  3. According to Dreamhost (use code absolutebica for $20 off yearly hosting + 1 free domain name!), I got moved to a different server which appears to load my site quicker.
  4. So for the time being, I am turning the Super Cache plugin off. Time will tell if I decide to enable it again. Viva la themes 🙂

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