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Changes are coming and CloudFront

content delivery network, General, Random / September 27th, 2009 / Comments Off on Changes are coming and CloudFront

This post has 2 purposes.

First, I don’t know if its CloudFront or Dreamhost, but someone dropped the ball this weekend. After hooking all my images, css, etc… up to the correct CloudFront paths, I noticed on Saturday my site was down, per se. See, the content loaded just fine, but EVERY CloudFront URL I had setup was no longer working. Why this has happened I don’t know. The CNAME’s are correctly setup, the files are there on CloudFront. So I had to setup some new CNAMES and CloudFront URL’s which is why my site is showing the css/images it is now.

I guess I can wait till tomorrow to see if someone trips over the power cord again.

Secondly. I have had to make some decisions lately regarding my life that are difficult, but I feel are necessary for myself and my family. It is something I am definitely looking forward to and excited about. Transition periods are always the toughest because your worried what your leaving behind might not get picked off the floor quick enough and what your moving toward is new enough you face the standard learning curve that comes with it.

Most decisions in life are difficult, but this is one of forks in the road I must take.

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