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Below are most of the projects I have been involved with professionally in the last 6+ years. My portfolio is a mix of personal, business, and pro-bono projects that I am proud to have worked on. If you like what you see, contact me about a possible project.

Business - clients, projects, and more.

Pro Bono - free or on a low budget

Personal - my individual projects

BitWise Solutions

I was employed at BitWise Solutions from 2004 - 2006 as a web designer / developer. I worked on projects ranging from redesigns, new websites, content updates, graphical changes, database updates, user experience, search engine optimization, accessibility, and more.

In my time at BitWise, I worked on 50+ projects. Below is a list of sites I was involved with, in some form or fashion. This is a partial list.



I take great pride in the work I do. I am very particular about my code, how its formed, and try to hold it to a very high standard. Ask anyone who has worked with me, and they would agree with that statement.

Web Standards

Like many people, I started coding to Web Standards after reading Jeffrey Zeldman's Designing with Web Standards book. It helped me understand why we code to standards, and how much easier it makes any web related project. The separation of content from presenation / functionality is where it should always be.

The answer is yes!

Yes, I really do sit in a grassy field with no power cord to my laptop as I work on project, after project, after project... whether it's morning, afternoon, dusk, or nighttime. Ok, thats a white lie...don't be upset. .

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Bryan is a gifted user interface designer. At ChaCha, he produced some intreguing designs that were not only implementable, he worked hard to understand development issues to adjust the design to be a better fit with the technology; something I wish more designers would take an interest in. He also took the time to learn enough of Ruby on Rails to take over major portions of the view-level implementation of the system.  
Gregg Kellogg
Worked with Bryan while at ChaCha
Bryan's creativity, drive and desire for perfection make him an outstanding web designer. He can always find the right look and feel for any application stays abreast of current trends and is innovative with his designs. He is always willing to share ideas and brings design skills that always enhance the end-user experience.  
~ Ed Frederici
Worked with Bryan while at ChaCha
Bryan is a consummate professional. He is a pleasure to work with and gets along with everyone. His work is top-notch and he has one of the best work ethics I've ever seen. I highly recommend his professional skills and would work with him anytime.  
~ Brian Campbell
Worked with Bryan while at ChaCha
Bryan always puts forward top notch quality in his work. He has great office manners, and is fun to work with. Bryan takes on challenges, and delivers with excellence.  
~ Matt R. Miller
Has worked with Bryan on multiple projects
During my time at ChaCha I had the pleasure of working with Bryan on a multitude of projects. I found him to be very dedicated to his work. He brings a passion to his endeavors that is hard to find among employees. Those traits coupled with his profound knowledge of web standards made him a very strong team player at ChaCha.  
~ Jared Brown
Worked with Bryan while at ChaCha
Bryan is a dedicated employee and is willing to put in the extra time and effort to get the job done. Although Bryan is a self-taught web engineer, his skills and creativity are nothing less than amazing. He is a great team player and puts 110% into every project given to him.  
~ Candace Northam
Worked with Bryan while at ChaCha
Bryan is a wonderful web developer and an even better person. We would trust him to code a site for any client in any budget range. He will go the extra mile to ensure client satisfaction and that is vital in the small business economy.  
~ Ryan McKeever
Owner, Magichour Productions
Bryan Kohlmeier took on a project for my small non-profit organization as it was being founded by creating our window to the world - our first website. He did an outstanding job of helping us through a very challenging time by facilitating everything required to get our non-profit established on the web. His creativity, integrity, and expert knowledge really helped us in a time of need and gave a sense of comfort in an area we need it most.  
~ Todd Schmidt
President and Director, Operation Dreamseed
Bryan took our website from plain to WOW! He thinks out-of-the-box, with original ideas that fit what we were looking for. He kept us informed from every stage, and let us feel like we were a part of the process. He can take your simple ideas and turned them into a first class product. Bryan is a great guy to work with!!  
~ Daya Christian Watkins
Executive Director, Operation Dreamseed
At Tomato Fish Marketing, we struggle to find really great developers to contract with and Bryan Kohlmeier has been a great resource for us! The biggest asset that he provides is his inventive, out-of-the-box ideas. He creates each web site with its own spin and inventive functionality. Bryan always brings great ideas to the project that we hadn't thought of and I've learned a lot from him on the programming side  
~ Brooke DeRam
CEO, Tomato Fish Marketing
I'm impressed with the quality work that Bryan at Absolute Bica did for my website. He created a professional and attractive looking website that I can update at anytime. He's highly reliable, dedicated to quality work, and creative in design. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a quality website.  
~ Bea Prieto
Owner, Something Special Gift Baskets
Bryan is a detail-oriented and dedicated indvidual who works well with others to deliver the task at hand. Bryan is known for being at the forefront of his industry and is an eager learner. His work ethic is to be commended.  
~ Kelli Blankenbaker
Worked with Bryan at BitWise Solutions
Bryan is a hard-working, detail-oriented person who has a good eye for design and a strong grasp of design and development theories to which he has been exposed. Bryan is punctual and willing to go the extra mile since he takes a personal vested-interest in the projects he is given to tackle. Also, Bryan is a devoted family man with a care for his family that pours over into the work that he does. I stongly recommend Bryan as a colleague and friend and I would hire him myself if I were put in the position.  
~ Tim Craver
Worked with Bryan at BitWise Solutions
Bryan always worked hard at BitWise and never complained about the workload. He was a good communicator and worked great with our team.  
~ Matt Tanner
Worked with Bryan at BitWise Solutions
A developer with a wide array of skills, Bryan is a pleasure to work with, learn from, and teach. He is always up for a challenge, enjoys learning new skills, and consistently goes the extra mile to make sure the projects he works on meet his high personal-quality standards.  
~ Dan Janosik
Works with Bryan at ChaCha
Bryan is a passionate and dedicated web developer that brings technology knowledge and creativity to the table. Bryan possesses the ability to drive a project to completion and go the extra effort to ensure a quality job. He worked tirelessly on several of my projects and delivered results above my expectations. He is a great team member and a wonderful employee.  
~ Ratul Shah
Worked with Bryan at ChaCha
Bryan's web expertise linked with his "creative eye" made him an instrumental part of Chacha success. He single handedly created, managed and grew Chacha's user interface to what it has become today. His dedication to the team and the company is a true testament to his abilities.  
~ Lance Sykes
Worked with Bryan at ChaCha
I worked closely with Bryan for the first two years of ChaCha on a variety of Web design projects. He alway brought great ideas, well thought out design, and an overall understanding of the goals of the project. I would recommend Bryan to anyone looking for someone who understands how to use design and technology to do a great job communicating.  
~ Steve Kremer
Worked with Bryan at ChaCha