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Why I may leave AT&T and move to Comcast

Awful, General, Random / November 17th, 2009 / Comments Off on Why I may leave AT&T and move to Comcast



I will do my best to summarize the events in the last few days. But the gist of it is, I am very disappointed in AT&T and how this situation was handled given the hassle I was put through only to receive a lousy $10 a month off my service.

On Friday, I called AT&T High Speed DSL in order to upgrade my package from PRO to ELITE, which is an increase of 3.0 Mbps to 6.0 Mbps. Given DSL, I felt it was adequate.

Of course, they do the obligatory thing and ask if its ok to discuss potential specials/offers for my account. Of course, that is fine with me. I explain I am looking to increase my internet speed, and she suggests U-verse, not just because I can get upwards of 18Mbps, but they had some good deals on programming as well.

Ok, that peaked my curiosity. So she reviews what I currently have, which is Dish Network, 200 channels, regular phone line, and DSL service. She starts explaining U-verse, which I previously knew about, but was curious what has changed. It all sounded fantastic and they were offering a 6 month promotion, etc.. and when it was all said and done, it was a very good price for 12Mbps download, u200 package, 3 months free HBO, a gift card, 1 dvr, 2 receivers (which are already HD compatible), free installation and more.

I was stoked to be honest. After some discussion, I was sold and an order was placed and a installation date was set. The date was for Tuesday morning, 9 – 11 am.

Here is the thing. I work downtown…so its a 1 hour drive minimium for me on most days…so I have to take time off in order to handle this U-verse installation + make the drive downtown when its done.

So I get a call from the technician this morning saying he is 20 minutes away. Oh man, 12Mbps download goodness was so close.

I get a call 20 minutes later…”Mr. Kohlmeier, is your address “{insert address here}”?

Me: “Uh, no..I haven’t lived there for a 1 1/2 years. I am at {insert new address here}, but I am only 5 minutes away now.”

U-verse technician: “I am sorry Mr. Kohlmeier, I cannot install this today, the signal is pointing at the wrong address. We will have to reschedule.”

Me: “Are you kidding me? I work 1 hour away and took time off today for this!”

Technician: “I am sorry Mr. Kohlmeier, is there another day that works for you?”

Me: “Well… about tomorrow”?

Technician: “Well sir, the office will have to change the address on the order, etc… it might be 7-10 business days”

Me: {insert silent pause here}
Me: Ok, I will call the AT&T office..I might not even use AT&T anymore. Thanks, goodbye.

So then I get on the phone with AT&T and Carla was very apologetic for my inconvenience and was going to get in touch with a specialist that can help resolve my problem, she said she would call me in 15-20 minutes. So 20 minutes goes by and I get a call from Carla, it wasn’t the call I was expecting.

Carla: “I am sorry for the inconvenience Mr. Kohlmeier, but it looks like the address you are currently at does not have U-verse in the area. So we are going to have to transfer you to the cancellation department to get the order stopped.

Me: “Are you kidding me…after all this and the service isn’t even supported here?”

So Carla transfers me to the Retention department. I am told they have to cancel the order, but also stop my service from being disconnected. “WHAT“.

So I am on the phone with this guy for 30 minutes…where 25 of them was spent with me on hold as he worked with another group to stop by order and prevent my service from being turned off.

Now here is what really pisses me off. After ALL this hassle, in my personal opinion, I had to go through to NOT get service I was hoping to get…the best AT&T could do was take $10 off my internet package. So instead of $35/month, it would be $25/month.

I personally find this unacceptable. I realize that is $120 off for the year…but for being dragged along thinking I was going to get a brand new service, then they couldn’t install it on a day I took off, then that I couldn’t get the service at all, to my service almost being shut off…$10 off / month just feels like a low ball. That is like being offered an 2009 Maxima, only to have the keys taken away saying you get your 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan back (yes I drive that).

So AT&T, I haven’t signed off yet…I am very close but would be happy to speak to you about staying a customer. Comcast…I am also interested in speaking with you about any deals you can throw at me.


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