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Why I may leave AT&T and move to Comcast

Awful, General, Random / November 17th, 2009 / Comments Off

AT&T leads me to believe I will get the the U-verse service, only to find out I am don’t have it in my area, and then I waste a bunch of time waiting until things are fixed..only to receive $10/month off my service. Disappointed!

Starting a new job

General, Random / October 19th, 2009 / 1 Comment »

The time has come to move forward from my role at ChaCha and into a new company as I continue building my professional career.

Changes are coming and CloudFront

content delivery network, General, Random / September 27th, 2009 / Comments Off

CloudFront was really bothering me this weekend and I have made a professional decision lately that is good for myself and my family.

How do you handle CloudFront / S3 and files needing to be overwritten or updated?

content delivery network, General, Hosting, Random, Tips / September 17th, 2009 / Comments Off

The most experience I have with CDN’s or Content Delivery Networks resides mostly with Akamai. However as I make a move toward CloudFront, the single striking issue hitting me in the face has to be how one handles overwriting files.

Watch for falling rocks from the CloudFront and S3

General, Hosting, Portfolio, Random, Tips / September 16th, 2009 / Comments Off

So I have decided to try Amazon’s CloudFront and S3 services for storage of Absolute Bica files. The purpose is more for browser pipelining and faster loading times versus storage alone. Dreamhost provided unlimited bandwidth and storage, so that isn’t an issue…but I know I could benefit from my files being distributed elsewhere across a CDN.

$20 off Yearly Hosting PLUS 1 Free Domain registration with Dreamhost

General, Hosting, Random / September 13th, 2009 / Comments Off

Get $20 off your yearly hosting plan AND 1 free domain registration when you use the coupon code “absolutebica” with

An the award for best presented Nigerian scam goes to…

Awful, General, Random / March 23rd, 2009 / Comments Off

I will admit, this is probably the nicest looking Nigerian scam email I have ever received. It’s bedazzled with the Flirckr logo and everything.

My entry for the Best WordPress Design Award

Design, Random / March 10th, 2009 / Comments Off

Over at WP Web Host, they are running a contest entitled “Best WordPress Design Award”. Well, since my site runs on WordPress and I have gotten so many wonderful comments about my site design, I decided to enter.

Macgyver who?

General, Random, Tips / February 28th, 2009 / Comments Off

Basically, I took the knowledge Macgyver has in his pinky and applied it to my computer setup :) I needed a way that was cheap, fast, and free to get a microphone into a relatively decent position to my mouth as I worked on the computer for Camtasia recordings, Skype calls, etc…

Safari 4 whips the competition in browser benchmarks

General, Random / February 26th, 2009 / 1 Comment »

Proving itself a staggering 42 times faster at rendering JavaScript than IE 7, our benchmarks confirm Apple’s Safari 4 browser, released in beta Tuesday, is the fastest browser on the planet. In fact, it beat Google’s Chrome, Firefox 3, Opera 9.6 and even Mozilla’s developmental Minefield browser.

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The sandbox is my personal playground to try out various experimental techniques on the web. Below are some of my latest tests.

HTML to PHP video tutorial, Rounded Corners video tutorial, CSS Image Sprites in 10 Minutes

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