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CloudBerry S3 Explorer Freeware and PRO Review

It has only been a handful of days since I took the giant leap for mankind into the world of CloudFront and S3 by I have yet to implement into my site as their are some technical workarounds I have to get in place…but I am excited at the idea of moving to a true CDN. After setting up the account, the very first thing I did was started doing a google search on tools used to upload files. I wish Amazon has some of the tools right then and there after making your account.

So one of the first products I came across was one called CloudBerry S3 Explorer. I then saw there was a PRO version that was FREE and in Beta (download here) so I decided to give that a shot. It was installed in a couple minutes and up and running.

How do you handle CloudFront / S3 and files needing to be overwritten or updated?

content delivery network, General, Hosting, Random, Tips / September 17th, 2009 / Comments Off

The most experience I have with CDN’s or Content Delivery Networks resides mostly with Akamai. However as I make a move toward CloudFront, the single striking issue hitting me in the face has to be how one handles overwriting files.

Watch for falling rocks from the CloudFront and S3

General, Hosting, Portfolio, Random, Tips / September 16th, 2009 / Comments Off

So I have decided to try Amazon’s CloudFront and S3 services for storage of Absolute Bica files. The purpose is more for browser pipelining and faster loading times versus storage alone. Dreamhost provided unlimited bandwidth and storage, so that isn’t an issue…but I know I could benefit from my files being distributed elsewhere across a CDN.

New Client –

Awful, Clients, Design, General, Portfolio, Tips / September 13th, 2009 / 1 Comment »

We provided iGolfFixes with a beautiful and simple design that made the viewing and purchasing process extremely simple.

Macgyver who?

General, Random, Tips / February 28th, 2009 / Comments Off

Basically, I took the knowledge Macgyver has in his pinky and applied it to my computer setup :) I needed a way that was cheap, fast, and free to get a microphone into a relatively decent position to my mouth as I worked on the computer for Camtasia recordings, Skype calls, etc…

Baby Steps into using Vimeo with my first video

General, Tips, Video / February 6th, 2009 / 1 Comment »

Well, I took the plunge about 10 minutes ago to try out Vimeo which is an online video hosting service, but allows you to link in with various channels and groups that your videos can be a part of. I added my CSS Image Sprites in 10 minutes video.

Another reason I love WordPress – life just became easier

General, Tips, Wordpress / February 4th, 2009 / Comments Off

I am porting over a site that is built with WP on a windows/IIS server. I am moving it to a Linux server (yea) but the site has a TON of internal hardcoded links to things like “?page_id=454″, etc… I was concerned if I went with friendly URL’s or permalinks, I would be doing a ton of text replacing. Fear not, WP auto corrects this issue.

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The sandbox is my personal playground to try out various experimental techniques on the web. Below are some of my latest tests.

HTML to PHP video tutorial, Rounded Corners video tutorial, CSS Image Sprites in 10 Minutes

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