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YSlow and manually added hostnames, what gives?

content delivery network, General, Hosting / September 22nd, 2009 / Comments Off on YSlow and manually added hostnames, what gives?

So per my other posts, I have jumped on the Amazon CloudFront bandwagon. In my quest for YSlow grading greatness, I am finding my score of “F” is bothering me, even if I know I am on a CDN.

So trying to follow Yahoo!’s YSlow FAQ tutorial, I add in my own custom hostnames. YSlow, after running some tests even recognizes I am using my custom hostnames, yet it still determines F should be my score.

Why? I realize not ALL my hostnames are hitting the CDN, but geez…an F. That just hurts.

But in all seriousness…anyone have a clue why my custom hostnames are not changing the YSlow grading scale?

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