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Archive for the ‘Awful’ Category

Why I may leave AT&T and move to Comcast

Awful, General, Random / November 17th, 2009 / Comments Off

AT&T leads me to believe I will get the the U-verse service, only to find out I am don’t have it in my area, and then I waste a bunch of time waiting until things are fixed..only to receive $10/month off my service. Disappointed!

New Client –

Awful, Clients, Design, General, Portfolio, Tips / September 13th, 2009 / 1 Comment »

We provided iGolfFixes with a beautiful and simple design that made the viewing and purchasing process extremely simple.

An the award for best presented Nigerian scam goes to…

Awful, General, Random / March 23rd, 2009 / Comments Off

I will admit, this is probably the nicest looking Nigerian scam email I have ever received. It’s bedazzled with the Flirckr logo and everything.

37 Signals products are no longer free: Basecamp, Highrise, Backpack, and Campfire

Awful, General, Random / February 3rd, 2009 / 8 Comments »

I admit when it comes to 37 Signals products, I have not been kept up to date. I used to use Basecamp and Backpack fairly religiously over a year ago, but haven’t used them since because of daily distractions, forgetfulness, life, etc. However, I was still shocked to see they no longer offer a free version of any of their products. Yes, they offer a 30 day free trial, but I am referring to an actual free account for those needing basis needs. When did this happen?

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The sandbox is my personal playground to try out various experimental techniques on the web. Below are some of my latest tests.

HTML to PHP video tutorial, Rounded Corners video tutorial, CSS Image Sprites in 10 Minutes

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