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IMWish List

IMWish List is another internet marketing solution by Brad Callen that aims at creating and partnering with existing products which the internet marketing community can have a voice in. As the main header on the site says, "Join The Ever Growing Community Of Internet Marketers All Helping Each Other Produce Massive Online Profits Together!".

Brad approached me with the site idea and needed a fresh look and design that others would consider "Web 2.0" from a design standpoint. The site went through various design stages, and the agreed upon design is what is live today. The initial launch consisted of a countdown timer to a specified date for when a particular product would be available for purchase.

The site was built using WordPress as the framework which worked well for this particular project.

Tools Used for
IMWish List


Photoshop, Illustrator


XHTML, CSS, JavaScript


PHP, WordPress, MySQL

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