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CSS Zengarden – Star Beach

Years ago when I was getting heavy into CSS, Web Standards, and reading Jeffrey Zeldman's Web Standards book, I came across a site called CSS Zengarden. The premise behind the site was to highlight the power of CSS and moving away from tables for page layouts. By simply changing one css file and adhering to a fixed HTML file, visitors were encouraged to submit their entries into the CSS Zengarden.

I am not one to back down from challenges, so I took on the Zengarden challenge. Below is a screenshot of my mockup, but there are two sites you can visit:

As you can tell, the Zengarden version has content falling out of the side containers, but it was a good first try

Tools Used for Star Beach




XHTML, CSS, Static HTML file provided by CSS Zengarden


No programming was used on this project by Absolute Bica.

Open Star Beach

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The sandbox is my personal playground to try out various experimental techniques on the web. Below are some of my latest tests.

HTML to PHP video tutorial, Rounded Corners video tutorial, CSS Image Sprites in 10 Minutes

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