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Trying to use WP-Super Cache locally on WampServer

Design, General, Wordpress / February 18th, 2009 / Comments Off on Trying to use WP-Super Cache locally on WampServer


What a strange title huh…why in the heck would I cache anything locally…makes no sense. Well, you are right…but hear me out.

So it’s always good to make sure your local development copy of your site matches that of the production version. AH, see where I am going with this.

In my case, I simply want to at least have the WP-Super Cache plugin enabled, even if it’s inactive so I can move forward with a mirror copy of my local and production development versions of my site.

I use WampServer 2, which I love since it gives me an easy to run with APACHE, MySQL, and PHP setup on my Windows machine.

When I enabled the WP-Super Cache plugin, as soon as I start browsing my pages go blank. Just a bare, naked, glowing white screen. I spent over 2 hours fiddling with this before realizing what happened. I even dropped by database, rebuilt a new one and imported all my info, etc.. and it did not fix it. I was thinking

How in the hell could I have dropped by database, reinstalled it, and my site still has the same issue. I didn’t touch my files once!

Oh, I didn’t touch them…but somebody did…and that somebody has the initials WP. The following line got written to the top of my wp-config.php file

define(‘WP_CACHE’, true); //Added by WP-Cache Manager

Sneaky bastards! Well, removing that line works..until I browse to another page…then it gets added back. So I had to deactivate the WP-Super Cache plugin for the time being. Does anyone know a solution around this so at least I can have the plugin enabled locally. Even when “enabled”, it is set to “off”, but it still treats it as if it needs to enable cache.

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